Myakka Technologies provides high-speed internet service via the latest in wireless transmission technology.  Our 5 tower locations have different radios suited for the particular area of coverage. 

Many of our customers no longer need a clean line of sight to one of the 5 towers.  Line of sight means the placement of the customer’s antenna must be in a place where it can “see” our tower. This will vary by location. In our area, trees of course, represent the greatest obstacle. This can be overcome by raising the subscriber’s antenna to a height above the surrounding tree level as shown in the picture. Some subscribers close to the tower can actually place the antenna on the windowsill of their computer room to receive the signal. Most subscribers fall somewhere in between.

When a subscriber sends a request to the internet, it follows this path. Subscriber’s computer >>> subscriber’s antenna >>> Myakka Technologies’ tower >>> Myakka Tech’s router and server >>> high-speed connection to the internet.