Setting up POP3 email on an iPhone/iPad

Access your Settings button from the iPhone/iPad home screen(or wherever you may have placed it) and access the "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" link

Most likely you'll see any other accounts that you may have created, so go ahead and click "Add Account"  Which brings us to the next page

Click Other and then add mail account, then we'll finally get to do some configuration.
Here you'll enter in your basic account credentials: Your name, your full email address, and your POP3 password. Once you've gotten that in hit save.

Be sure to select the POP setting at the top, commonly IMAP is the default setting for a new account on the iPhone.

Now you need to tell your iPhone what server you're going to be operating on. For the Incoming Mail Server information you'll want to place:

POP3 server:
Username: your full email address
Password: your password

Now that you've gotten your Incoming Server configured let's work on the Outgoing Server.
For the Outgoing server settings:

Outbound server:
Username: call us
Password: call us

NOTE: "" is an SMTP relay server. Our server will NOT relay (send) mail if you are not connected directly to the Myakka Technologies network.  In order to use this server outside our network, you must use SSL and call us for authentication information.

Your iPhone/iPad should now try to connect and test your settings. 


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